Sunday, January 14, 2024

British Officers...

 ... who write all kinds of "analysis" for British tabloids (everything in Britain IS tabloid, even The Times) they really DO have issues with grasping a simple difference between tactical and operational. I guess this is the result of 44-week long "study" in Sandhurst and being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan where there never was a single occasion of conducting a REAL combined arms operation of scale. Forget about colonel Kemp, who became a meme. Here is another one with alarmist crap titled The West Could Soon Hand Putin The Keys To Europe.

There’s a palpable difference along the Ukrainian front this January, compared with this time last year. Then, the mood and optimism was buoyant, with western aid pouring in to Kyiv after successful offensives. The West presented a unified front, determined to ensure Putin’s barbarous war on Ukraine would not be successful. That may all be dashed now, however. The collective western unity appears to be under heavy strain as the war staggers into its third year. By December 2023, Ukraine had received over US$230 billion in combined military, financial, and humanitarian aid, since Russia’s 2022 invasion. The largest donors have been the US, Germany, the UK, and various institutions of the European Union. Up until very recently, this funding was reached through largely unanimous domestic and internal consensus, above party politics or the domestic affairs of the state or institution in question, with a few isolated examples. 

Firstly, somebody, explain to these morons in London that Russia DOES NOT NEED Europe. Russians are done with it. If they buy Russia's energy and other things, sure, but that's about it. Secondly, I have news for  Robert Clark who penned this nonsense, so here is reiteration of the point many of us have been making since the start of SMO:

British General Staff and its cadres have about zero competencies and experience with modern war of scale, period. That is why British military and its "analysts" parade themselves as a bunch of amateurs whose only marginal competencies extend to the middle-tactical level at best. They may know how to C4 a tank company, battalion max, but that's about it. They DO NOT understand how modern corps and army level formations fight in the XXI century and how General Staff plans and operates. No surprise, UK Army can deploy about one combat ready maneuver brigade after 2025, if they get lucky.  And again, Russians do not want to deal with Europe--watch my today's comments to a remarkable statement by French soldier, who didn't lose his integrity and honor... Yes, Russia and Putin do not need these keys, please, Europe, keep them.

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