Friday, January 19, 2024

Pepe's Excellent Piece.

It is what we all have been talking (and warning) about for many years. Pepe writes about Emmanuel Todd's book La Défaite de L’Occident (“The Defeat of the West”). It is excellent review by Pepe. 

Now Todd, in what he has defined as his last book (“I closed the circle”) allows himself to go for broke and meticulously depict the defeat not only of the US but of the West as a whole – with his research focusing in and around the war in Ukraine. Considering the toxic NATOstan environment where Russophobia and cancel culture reign supreme, and every deviation is punishable, Todd has been very careful not to frame the current process as a Russian victory in Ukraine (although that’s implied in everything he describes, ranging from several indicators of social peace to the overall stability of the “Putin system”, which is “a product of the history of Russia, and not the work of one man”).
But it is this Todd's point Pepe reports which is almost funny:
1. At the start of the Special Military Operation (SMO) in February 2022, the combined GDP of Russia and Belarus was only 3.3% of the combined West (in this case the NATO sphere plus Japan and South Korea). Todd is amazed how these 3.3% capable of producing more weapons than the whole Western colossus not only are winning the war but reducing dominant notions of the “neoliberal political economy” (GDP rates) to shambles.
Little did Todd know, that West's economic statistics is fraud of which I wrote three books and continue to drive this point for many years--Russia is huge economically, especially where it matters the most--industries. But let's recall what Michael Hudson told about Western "economics" as taught in universities--it has no relation to reality. So, read Pepe's excellent review.

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