Saturday, January 27, 2024

Larry Demolishes...

 ... War On The Rocks media outlet, especially Michael Kofman. 

What planet are these three living on? Starting in mid-December 2023, Russia has unleashed a devastating barrage of missile and rocket attacks on Ukraine’s military industrial plants, munition storage facilities and infrastructure. I can excuse Michael Kofman and Dara Massicot’s ignorance — neither has experience with actual military operations and are quintessential analysts from the ivory castle of political science — but how can Rob Lee, a former Marine infantry officer, sign on to something so imbecilic? They claim to be Russian experts but reveal a profound ignorance about Russia’s military and economic capability. I will make this real simple. Ukraine does not have the ability to implement the War on the Rocks prescription. First, manpower. Even Ukrainian sources are conceding that Ukraine has suffered more than a million casualties. The average age of the frontline troops is 43. For the math challenged out there (this clearly applies to Kofman, Lee and Massicot), if the average age is 43 that means you have a large number of 50 and 60 year old cannon fodder manning the trenches and bunkers. The under 40 crowd is not flocking to the recruiting office in Kiev to sign up. Just the opposite. They are going to extreme lengths to avoid being dragooned into the army. We’ve seen guys wearing disguises that make them look like 70 year old men and others dressing as women. Not because they are transgender but because the Ukrainian recruiters are not grabbing women off the street and throwing them on to the military bus.

Well, Michael Kofman's "planet" is known well--he is Ukrainian Jew born in Kiev. As any graduate from degree mills in "international security" in the US, Kofman has no tool kit to analyze the gas stoves in Home Depot, let alone being "subject matter expert" on Russia. He is political scientist, but he has scores to settle with Russia for whatever reason and because of that, same way as pharmaceutical Captain Harry Tabakh, who wouldn't know shit from shinola in real war, Kofman wet dreams.  

Generally, all those "military" media outlets in the US, be that, Task and Purpose, or We Are The Mighty among many others, today serve only the purpose exposing an excruciating coming to terms by all those authors, including cadre military, who have been shown what real war is and what expects them in the real war, once the remnants of triumphalist BS about "finest fighting force in history" will be purged from their minds.  So, many of them cope and hope, hope against all fundamentals of military science and real history of wars humanity fought over centuries. It is like explaining an enthusiastic kid that 1812 Overture played by Boston Philharmonic on the 4th of July has nothing to do with the US whatsoever, but with defeating the largest (at that time) invasion of Western nations into Russia, which, eventually brought Russians to Paris in 1814.  

Today Russia marked the 80th of the lifting of the siege of Leningrad--an almost 900 days apocalypse which saw at least million and a half of Soviet people, primarily civilians, dying. The magnificent monument to at least 16 million Soviet civilians who died as a result of Nazi genocide was finally opened today at Gatchina. About time. This scale, these numbers are beyond the grasp of "subject matter experts" in Russia in the US because whole generation of ignoramuses from Ivy and other leagues have been graduated and brainwashed by Solzhenitsyn's lies and comparisons of Soviet Union and European Nazism. No more...

And then there were 11 million of Red Army's KIAs. Those 27 million.

But no worries, it was the US Army which liberated Auschwitz, and in general--Slavic and other lives DO NOT MATTER in Washington because nobody there has any experience with that--none. Will Spielberg shoot the movie about that? Nah, I am screwing with you--of course not. 

P.S. Dara Massicot wouldn't pass exams for entering any Russian military academy let alone 2-year programs for officers in what amounts to equivalent of US "war colleges". Yet, she graduated... 10 months long courses in Master of Arts in Strategic Security Studies. Obviously based on Hollywood as life has shown us.

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