Sunday, April 2, 2023

View From India.

By Dr. Bhadrakumar in a piece with symptomatic title: ‘Russia alone can already confront the entire West…

What emerges, therefore, is that Putin’s strategic calculus in Ukraine will be shaped much more heavily by events on the battlefield than on any  Chinese input. Russia’s reaction to the Chinese “peace plan” regarding Ukraine testifies to that reality. ... He (Putin) repeated that the West’s arms shipments to Ukraine are of concern to Russia only because they constitute “an attempt to prolong the conflict” and will “only lead to a bigger tragedy and nothing more.”  However, this is not to belittle the great significance of the partnership for both countries in the political, diplomatic and economic spheres. The salience lies in the two countries’ growing interdependency in multiple directions that cannot be quantified yet and keeps “evolving” (Xi) and appears seamless. The Ukraine war, paradoxically, is turning out to be a wake-up call — a war that can prevent another world war rather than engender one. China understands that Russia has single-handedly taken on the “collective West” and shown it is more than a match. This assessment in Beijing cannot escape the West’s attention and will impact the western thinking too for the medium and long term — not only for Eurasia but also the Asia-Pacific.

This is the point I am trying to make for years now. Moreover, Russia's strategy incorporated from the get go a very serious economic aspect which combined West due to ignorance and incompetence couldn't grasp. As Michael Hudson noted recently--why the 75-80% of the world needs West, which is 15-20% economically, when the rest of the world not only produces everything it needs but can issue a credit. Just to illustrate one of many trends:

Today, Khabarovsk TV (Rossiya 1 Network) showed one of the assembly lines at Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant. On the photo are three brand new SSJ-New aircraft--fully Russified from PD-8 engines, to avionics by KRET, to other systems. First one is already "under electric power" and its first flight is expected (per Sdelano U Nas) shortly. Per military protection of the new colossal Eurasian realm I wrote many times--Russia has all means to do so. We will need to wait for propagation of some of hypersonic technologies, systems like S-500 and advanced combat aircraft among many other things.

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