Saturday, April 1, 2023

Saturday And No Jokes.

 I speak about it in my latest video. 

For those who want to see the actual video with heavily wounded VSU soldier and how he asks Russian drone for help and Russian drone operator and the guy at the battlefield communicate, including talking to this wounded guy, almost talking like to own brother or son, I know there is an English CCed version on VK. Here is the video:

Even the way Russian soldiers use the diminutive term Leggy (Footy--Ножка) instead of leg and recognize that the guy didn't want to fight, and you can hear Russians' despair and calling on medevac to get to the guy ASAP, speaks volumes. This is the every day occurrence at the front. Yes, there will be war crimes tribunal, in Moscow and Donbass, it has been decided and many will answer for all that.

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