Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Larry About "Counter-Offensive" And Other Items.

Larry wrote an excellent piece about never-ending promises of VSU's "counter-offensive". 

Exactly. This proverbial "Required Force" (Наряд Сил) which is counted not as mere quantities, however important, but as forces acting against other forces through not just numbers, but combat effectiveness. As I pointed out many times before--even at the start of SMO one could see what modern army can do in mobile defense while being outnumbered several fold. This too is being studied by serious military and intel professionals and Russian Army taught a serious lesson in this matter to anyone who were watching. 

Now, the situation is reversed and Russia, after annihilating several iterations of VSU, is simply waiting for the remainder of NATO run forces to impale themselves and then... we'll see. Which brings us to these two French Nazis who executed Russian POWs. These two cowards have been apprehended in France upon their return but on unrelated charges connected with arms deals--they face up to 15 months in prison. France doesn't care about executed Russian POWs. Russians, however, do and Investigative Committee is on it and at first legal ways will be tried. Paris, as always, will decline and will expose itself, yet again, as a poodle of globalists, and then Plan B may go into effect. Meanwhile Nazi sympathizers in WaPo sing praises to Azov and other Nazi formations in 404. So, you get the idea. 

In related news, though, is a video totally in Russian (but you don't need a translation), which shows the work at Ulyanovsk Aerocomposit. Text in itself can be distilled into this: everything you see in the video is Russian-made, from carbon fiber, resins, paints, instruments, even tape-laying machines--all of it Russian-made. 

They show current work on four kits for serial MC-21 composite wings (I assume wing-to-body assembly is also done there) and this is just one of many plants Russia built literally from Ground Zero starting from 2016-2017. And this is just one example of import substitution in a full swing among numerous ones. This is happening across the whole spectrum of productive industries and it is difficult to describe the whole scale of it because how massive it is. 

Meanwhile, "strategirists" from London's own The Economist still wet dreaming on how to defeat those nasty Russkies and they found a new wunderwaffe in Swedish Gripen. 

Ukraine’s top guns need new jets to win the war. There is a dogfight between Swedish Gripens and American F-16s.

This kindergarten level delirium from globalist sewer is expected because you cannot explain to any graduate of Oxford with degree in journalism and economics what modern integrated aerospace force is--they don't have the tool kit for that. Not to mention the fact that modern RAF is rather pathetic third rate force barely able to keep anything flying at all, not to mention being dependent on bankrupt American air war doctrine and procurement policy built around stuffing "Allies" with lame duck weapon systems such as F-35 and, while still relevant, but not survivable modern battlefield, F-16. But in the end, the question persists--where did those meaningless words' jugglers see Ukraine's "top guns"? I have news for them--Ukraine has none, all of them have been shot down and what Ukie AF has today as pilots are dead men walking because their "top gunning" is usually limited to a half mission. The half being the take off, landing being substituted with receiving R-33, R-37 or 40N6E into the empennage and then bailing out in case they survive.  

But behind those wet dreams of European midgets such as France or UK, hides not only a desperation from evaporating self-awareness as once, long time ago, great powers, which none European country is anymore, but a sheer, astounding illiteracy of their elites who literally have no clue, even when allowed for spewing propaganda. But even in this they fail because they are so UNeducated--a death sentence for the most "elite producing" machines in the combined West. This is the tragedy which is not into your face unlike histrionics of once PM BoJo or childish unsure posture of the French boy Macron, not to mention a pathetic spectacle of senior citizen abuse in Washington. No, the tragedy is in West's "elite" educational institutions producing consistently ignorant and illiterate people who are utterly unqualified to be engaged in any serious professional activity. That is why they continue to delude themselves thinking that 30-40 Gripens will make any difference in 404. But you cannot educate them, so let them dream.

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