Thursday, April 13, 2023

And it's too late, baby now, it's too late(c).

Ah, Carole King. In related news: 

Translation: The EU wants to use money from Russia sanctions to finance the reconstruction of Ukraine. But the money has to be found first - and the legal situation is unclear, as unpublished documents show. But Brussels has come up with a trick.

But, but... now they conclude that EU may not touch these funds and that they have to be returned to Russia once the hostilities are over, granted they will find them;)) Well, as Carole King sang--it is too late. The combined West stole this money from Russia and now any kind of attempts to play it "judicially" is risible--it is too late. EU demonstrated what it is and there is nothing to talk about: EU will pay for restoration of 404, including the territories which became part of Russia and it will not be done by "investing" Russia's funds into some shitty EU papers and using interest on them to pay for 404's restoration. EU, same as the US, is non-agreement capable, period. Proper conclusions have been made by the Russian side. 

In related news, CIA's big honcho Burns noticed:

The dominant global role of the US can no longer be guaranteed as the country is witnessing a time of change “that comes along a couple of times a century,” CIA Director Bill Burns has claimed. Speaking at the Baker Institute earlier this week, Burns said that although Washington “still has a better hand to play than any of our rivals,” it is “no longer the only big kid on the geopolitical block and our position at the head of the table isn’t guaranteed.” The CIA chief pointed to growing ties between China and Russia, which he argued will present a “formidable challenge” for his agency for years to come. According to Burns, Beijing is “not content to only have a seat at the table; it wants to run the table,” while Russia is seeking to “upend the table altogether.” 

Good luck trying to "spy" on Russia or China. But I have some news for CIA and their World Factbook--most economic data on Russia there is mostly crap written by the followers of the Wall Street "methods", as is, incidentally, data on the American economy which is dramatically smaller than it is being portrayed. They should forget about using US Dollar as a measure of anything real economy related because it is nothing but pseudo-economical legerdemain used to run financial institutions by the United States. And yes, the table has been upended altogether and it is a fait accompli. But even IMF cannot hide facts anymore, even if it doctors its own data:

Do you know what drives this growth? No, not service economy--this one shrank somewhat because one needs only so many spa salons and "success coaching" businesses. The real growth is in real economy (Hint: it is around 4-5% at least) ranging from transport to shipbuilding, to aerospace to extraction. You know, tangibles which make humanity live and prosper. Meanwhile, here are the results of IMF "activity" in Argentina (among many other countries):

There is a reason Argentina wants to join BRICS. Way better than to be a financial slave of IMF. Russia experienced it first hand, in 1990s--a favorite shtick of the Western bankers is austerity, because some ass-hole from NYC, Miami or L.A. cannot afford the latest Lamborghini or a vacation home at Martha's Vineyard.  

P.S. Germany OK-ed the transfer of its MiG-29s it gave to Poland in 2002 to Ukraine.  

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