Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Larry Found The Best Meme...

 ... for the leaks. And who can argue with that)))

Larry's proposition, certainly, has a very serious merit:

In light of the discrepancy between what Secretary of Defense Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Milley are telling the public and the disquieting facts revealed in the leaked cables, it is fair to assume that someone with clearances,who was disgusted by the lying, decided to blow the whistle without identifying himself or herself.Some have suggested that the Biden Administration leaked this material in a bid to rally support for more aid to Ukraine. That is ridiculous. Some of the TS material floating around the web is revealing and damaging to U.S. relations with a host of countries and organizations, such as Israel, South Korea, Ukraine and the UN Secretary General. The size and scope of the leak persuades me that this was done by someone acting as a whistleblower.I think Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley are channeling some Leslie Nielson from the Naked Gun

Exactly. Could it be just one whistleblower or could it be a group at this stage  already makes little difference because the lies in Washington now reached grotesque forms. Russians know this. Professionals like Larry, Scott Ritter, Douglas Macgregor and a few others with military and intel background also know this. This whole leaks' fiasco also testifies to the depth of crisis in Washington and, in my personal particular case, whilst writing the book, the loss of any interest in sifting through copious amount of writing on the American strategic thought, because we see real grand strategy being implemented in a front of our eyes across the globe.  And mind you, again, Russia didn't introduce reserves yet. Read Larry's excellent summary and make your own conclusions.

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