Wednesday, April 12, 2023


You know, I don't like Musk but, boy, making this low life BBC cretin--there are no normal people in BBC--stutter and sweating was good.  

Yes, Elon, they lie, non-stop, shamelessly and every single establishment media "journalist" in the West is a whore with no ethics, integrity and morals. But here is another delightful humiliation of yet another whore from BBC. 
This was two years ago. Not only they are liars, most of them are very uncultured and ignorant people. And I mean uncultured in the broadest sense, and they get lost in the sea of facts once come face-to-face with them. But I am on record--real journalism is a calling above all, and not the studying of pseudo-academic BS at "journalism" departments in some degree mill.

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