Thursday, April 6, 2023

Sand Pounding...

 ... as West's new pastime. In diplomatic lingo it means--go fuck yourself, or, speaking more politely--go pound sand. It was fully anticipated by anyone with a half-brain. 

Translation: Chinese President Xi Jinping will talk with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky when "the conditions and time are right," European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said after talks with the Chinese politician.

This is how Comrade Xi, due to his high level of being a cultured man, tells EU-EC bimbo to go fuck herself. But we knew that those will be Chinese responses to two Euro-poodles all along. But, of course, a tawdry propaganda supplier of the emergency toilet paper New York Times wouldn't be itself if it wouldn't lie non-stop. 

The New York Times (NYT) failed to accurately reflect China’s position on relations with Russia in this week's account of an interview with Beijing’s ambassador to the EU, the diplomat’s office has said. In an article published on Wednesday, the newspaper stated that Fu Cong tried to distance Beijing from Moscow, and downplayed the ties between the two powers. A reporter asked about a key joint statement signed last year by Chinese leader Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which declared the friendship between the nations as having “no limits.” The ambassador, according to the newspaper, replied that there can be no such thing as a friendship with “no limit” and that the description was “nothing but rhetoric.” The Chinese mission to the EU told the Russian news agency TASS that the interview with the NYT was about an hour long and that the highlights printed by the paper failed to properly convey Fu’s words. “The ambassador stated that some people deliberately misinterpret the Chinese position [on the crisis in Ukraine]. The things that China did and didn’t do since the start of the conflict are known in Europe and the rest of the world,” the news agency quoted the mission as saying on Thursday.

NYT, WaPo, The Atlantic et al are not media organizations in normal sense and have no real journalists working for them. Those are propaganda machines whose main occupation is deliberate lying. None of them have any experts on the host of critical geopolitical issues because there are none in the "top"  in the US in general. Most American diplomats are incompetent ideologues, most American generals are incompetent losers, if not for people like Sy Hersh or Matthew (Matt) Lee, Judge Napolitano and very few others, American "establishment journalist" is a euphemism for lying sack of shit unqualified to wash dishes in the Idaho truck stop diner. So, there you go.

In related "Duh!"news:

Francois Hollande has confirmed that the European Union and France are directly participating in the armed conflict in Ukraine, despite Paris officially denying such claims. The former French president unwittingly spoke at length about the situation in Ukraine with Russian pranksters Vovan and Lexus, who were pretending to be former Ukrainian president Pyotr Poroshenko. During the conversation, Hollande declared that he was on Kiev’s side and “fully supports Ukraine,” adding that “wherever I can speak, I always ask to provide Ukraine with the weapons it needs.” He admitted to ‘Poroshenko’ that the EU and France are “participants” in the conflict but explained that they don’t want to openly declare their involvement, fearing that Russia could retaliate. “They don’t want to become a warring side in the sense that Russia could use their support as an excuse to take action against a neighboring European country and drag the world into a war that will go beyond Ukraine,” Hollande said.

Well known fact and that is why one has to forget about Europe for the next few decades, if not centuries. There are nobody worthy of talking to unless current European "elites", political as well as "intellectual", are removed. 

Now to technologies. Here is RAND, allegedly creme' de la creme' of American strategery and military-technological expertise. This is 15 June 2021.  

Recently, Russian officials announced that production for a civil aircraft had been stalled due to Western sanctions. Russia has also used its intelligence services to assist in the pursuit of aircraft engine development. In April, the FBI added an intelligence officer for Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service, who was working as a UEC executive, to its most-wanted list for allegedly conspiring to steal trade secrets from a Western aerospace company. Further harming Russian aircraft development and production is the rise of China's defense industry. Increasingly, China has transitioned from, and even replaced, Russian engines with its own domestically-built ones. The rise of China and other new competitors in the international arms market may challenge Russia's transition to greater indigenous production because its military-industrial complex partially relies on export orders to sustain itself. 

Here is a C.V. of the main author of this drivel, the other one is some British student, whose qualifications are from University of Cambridge in some "interdisciplinary" shit and "land economy". Parachini, however:

So, the guy, basically, went through a degree mill producing wholesale ignorance and incompetence in American "elites" and he should cringe now, because today officially (unofficially it was in low rate production since 2021) was announced:

6 апреля 2023 г., – Предприятие "ОДК-Пермские моторы" начало серийное производство двигателя ПД-14 для российского среднемагистрального самолета МС-21-310. К 2030 году объем производства должен составить 160 двигателей в год, заявил в четверг генеральный директор Объединенной двигателестроительной корпорации (ОДК) Ростеха Вадим Бадеха в Перми. Об этом сообщает ТАСС. "В "ОДК-Пермские моторы" начато серийное производство двигателя ПД-14 для российского среднемагистрального самолета МС-21-310. К 2030 году ежегодный объем производства самолетов МС-21 в России должен составить 72 штуки и следует выйти на выпуск в 160 двигателей ПД-14 ежегодно", - передали слова Бадеха в пресс-службе правительства Пермского края.

Translation: April 6, 2023, – UEC-Perm Motors has started serial production of the PD-14 engine for the Russian medium-haul aircraft MS-21-310. By 2030, production should reach 160 engines per year, Vadim Badekha, CEO of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) of Rostec, said Thursday in Perm. It is reported by TASS. "UEC-Perm Motors has begun serial production of the PD-14 engine for the Russian medium-haul MS-21-310 aircraft. By 2030, the annual production of MS-21 aircraft in Russia should be 72 pieces and 160 PD-14 engines should be produced annually," the press service of the government of the Perm Territory reported Badech's words.

You see, how it all works. SMO served as a litmus test which one gets once every century or so. Same as WW I exposed a rather fragile state of Russian Empire and laid the foundation for the collapse and rebirth of the country which went through extremely rough but also inevitable modernization process in XX century, the same we observe today with combined West being exposed in all of its corruption, incompetence and military impotence. 


Нижний Новгород, 6 апреля - АиФ-НН. В Нижегородскую область готовы переехать около 300 жителей Германии. К концу 2023 года эта число желающих может достичь 1000 человек, сообщила директор департамента внешних связей региона Ольга Гусева.По ее словам, такая активность связана с тем, что жители Германии видят большой потенциал в сотрудничестве с Нижегородской областью в сфере автомобилестроения, строительства, развития инфраструктуры.В основном переехать хотят специалисты в сфере металлообработки: сварщики, операторы станков, технологи, а также судостроения и автомобильной промышленности.

Translation: Nizhny Novgorod, April 6 - AiF-NN. About 300 German residents are ready to move to the Nizhny Novgorod region. By the end of 2023, this number of applicants can reach 1,000 people, said Olga Guseva, director of the department of external relations of the region. According to her, such activity is due to the fact that Germans see great potential in cooperation with the Nizhny Novgorod region in the automotive industry, construction, infrastructure development .Most of the people who want to relocate are specialists in the field of metalworking: welders, machine operators, technologists, as well as shipbuilding and the automotive industry. 

This is just one oblast in Russia. When Zakharova stated a couple years ago that the number of applicants for Russian green card from Germany was counted in "tens of thousands", I knew she was not exaggerating. And we are talking German Germans not just former GDR. So, speaks volumes, doesn't it? This is your Thursday primer.

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