Friday, April 14, 2023

Byron's Piece...

 ... went "viral" in Russia and both Ria and establishment RG (Rossiyaskaya Gazeta) reported on it:

Translation: The United States are standing at the threshold of a serious geopolitical fiasco in Ukraine, thinks the former US Navy's officer Byron King.   

It also goes extremely well with one of the best openings on geopolitics in a while, James Kunstler did it again:

How long do we have to wait before Volodymyr Zelensky opens a disco in Boca Raton?

This is sheer brilliance. But that also brings us to some lamentations by Gerard Baker in The Times:

Pentagon leaks expose the scale of Biden’s foreign failings. Classified intelligence revelations display Washington’s strategic disarray and harm relations with major US allies

What Baker doesn't understand is that Biden is just the cherry on the top. I don't remember ANY US administration starting with Clinton which wouldn't fuck it up one way or another due to hubris, ignorance and incompetence. The problem is systemic and not just with Biden Admin alone. Leaks are important globally ONLY in terms of sheer idiocy of the American "strategic planning" and a complete detachment from the economic, military and social realities of the world. In terms of Russia--it is my position for years now that most Western "Russia Studies" programs should simply be closed and most of those "scholars" who teach there be stripped off their "degrees" as academic frauds. But then again, one should start looking at what do they "teach" at those History Departments, because with "historians" like late Richard Pipes or alive and well Anne Applebaum and her ilk one will not learn anything about Russia of the XX-XXI century. And that is that simple.

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