Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Well, Duh!

And then imbeciles from NYT and CNN wonder what is happening around them. Hey, half of the US voted for this. This is international embarrassment, but then again--for people who can not identify themselves as either man or a woman, they wanted it and they don't care.  

Feeling special yet, Rishi? Awkward moment Joe Biden appears to push Sunak aside as he lands in Belfast - before giving a very warm welcome to female US diplomat

Yes, sure. But you cannot blame this on good ol' Joe, he may have forgotten where he is and what for, so treating UK's PM with proper decorum is not high on his agenda. Moreover, despite Biden agreeing to answer a few questions from  press-pool, his security detail, ignoring Biden's decision to speak to press, simply pushed press out of the room. Read comments of British readers of the Daily Mail--very interesting, if you know what I mean.

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