Friday, April 21, 2023

Comrade Li Shangfu Had A Very Productive Visit.

To understand why, just take a look. Emphasis on WHO conducted this study and why it is published now. 

Chinese military study names TikTok among tech companies involved in ‘cognitive war’ on Russia

The study concludes:

A new study by Chinese military scientists named TikTok as one of several hi-tech companies involved in propaganda campaigns against Russia. TikTok stands out as the only Chinese-owned business on the list, which contains nearly 40 private entities from the internet, space, finance and AI sectors.According to the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) investigation, TikTok has joined Facebook, Twitter, Google and other Western tech giants in offering a platform for cognitive war on Russia that has “greatly undermined Russian military morale” and eroded its international image.“Combat in the cognitive domain is a new, advanced form of warfare. It is also the highest level of human [war] games,” the authors said.

The paper was published prior to Li Shangfu's visit to Moscow and as article notes:

The Alliance for Securing Democracy, a US-based national security advocacy group, noted in a report last month that Russian state-controlled broadcaster RT had more TikTok followers than The New York Times. It also found that Russian news agency RIA Novosti’s top TikTok post this year gained more than 5.6 million views while its top Twitter post had fewer than 20,000 views.  

As much as I have issues with RT, there is no comparison between contemporary Russian reporting and a trash which NYT and its cabal of ignorant agenda-pushers "journalists", trained only to brainwash already confused American public, produce daily. Soviet time Pravda had more useful and, remarkably, truthful reporting than NYT which is dangerous even to be used as a last resort toilet paper due to a risk of getting a brain cancer or psychosis by the way of anal application after #2. So, no real news here. But it looks like some type of attitude adjustment "request" was issued to Chinese owners of TikTok. I, however, have only one issue with this piece of news--neither TikTok nor Facebook or any other social network are "tech-giants". Not even close. Real tech is not anymore in Silicone Valley. In fact, it left it long time ago. But don't start me on them and Musk's latest... if you know what I mean.

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