Friday, April 21, 2023

OK, People Are Starting Friday Things.

Arioch put up some The Allman Brothers. I know late Greg was a very not a good man but when people tell me about Southern Rock and mention Lynyrd Skynyrd (yeah, yeah, I know, Free Bird and this fucking Alabama thing) I always respond--Dicky Betts and Dan Toler's playing--try to repeat this live. 

So much feel, so much soul and virtuosity. And BTW, I am happy I saw Yes on their Fragile Anniversary tour in Seattle 20 years ago. Look at Jon--he is 78 years old and he sounds as fresh as he ever sounded.
But then again, Roger is 80 years old an he rocks arenas. I know, I was there in Tacoma. 

One of the best, ever.

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