Saturday, April 15, 2023

About This "Revelation Mode"...

... of which I wrote on many occasions.  Such as four years ago, or even earlier. This is not some Russian rah-rah, but cold hard facts which manifest itself also on the practical battlefield of the largest combined arms clash of the century. 

МОСКВА, 15 апр — РИА Новости. В России разработали систему радиоэлектронной борьбы, способную подавлять космические аппараты на геостационарной орбите, рассказал РИА Новости информированный источник по случаю Дня специалиста РЭБ. "Это (геостационарная орбита. — Прим. ред.) примерно 36 тысяч километров над уровнем моря", — заявил собеседник агентства. Источник не раскрыл детали о новой системе, но сообщил, что "мощность ее излучателей на малой дальности позволяет не только подавлять, но и безвозвратно выводить из строя электронику противника". 
Translation: MOSCOW, April 15 - RIA Novosti. Russia has developed an electronic warfare system capable of suppressing spacecraft in geostationary orbit, an informed source told RIA Novosti on the occasion of the EW Specialist Day. "This (geostationary orbit. - Approx. ed.) is approximately 36 thousand kilometers above sea level," the source said. The source did not disclose details about the new system, but said that "the power of its emitters at short range allows not only to suppress, but also to permanently disable enemy electronics."
In layman's lingo it means something new altogether, and the fact that this thing can literally burn enemy electronics at a shorter distance means an upcoming revolution in EW and this is a very bad news for NATO and for military use of commercial satellites (Starlink, wink, wink). Make your own conclusion and remember that I went on record that the West lost the arms race long before SMO. In fact, after 2018 it all became clear. Just to remind you. 
In the end, I did predict it. Allow me to be smug for an instance--I am just a human and once in a while it is so pleasant to achieve the mode "I Told You So". 

In related news:

The German government is calling for EU sanctions on Russia's nuclear industry as the Kremlin's war on Ukraine rages on. It is evident that Russia was deliberately using dependencies in the energy sector as a means of exerting pressure, Economics Minister Robert Habeck told dpa. "The German government has therefore now spoken out to the European Commission in favour of including the civilian nuclear sector. This should be part of the next sanctions package." Russia supplies uranium for nuclear fuel rods and stores radioactive waste on its territory, among other areas of activity. It is necessary to become more independent of Russia throughout the EU, Habeck said. "We have already come a long way in many areas, including energy. The nuclear sector is still open," he said. He said it was unjustifiable that the sector was still being given preferential treatment. "Nuclear technology is an extremely sensitive area, and Russia can no longer be considered a reliable partner here."

The speed with which Germany implements Morgenthau Plan on herself is amazing. This wreck of a country decided to shut down its last three nuclear power plants and now thinks that it can impose anything on Russia. I am on record, again, Russian economy is much larger (and I mean much) than German one and it operates on a completely different bases than that of Germany. Germany's (and Europe's) largest corporation, Siemens, learned the hard way about its grossly exaggerated importance for Russia first with turbines affair in Crimea and now losing juicy contract to Transmasholding in India. Per Rosatom, Herr Habeck should learn first about it. But don't hold your breath. Somebody should explain to Berlin what it means that German tanks begin to burn on Russian soil again.

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