Tuesday, April 25, 2023

Speaking In Volumes.

Here is a video of a purely tactical nature, which shows a complete operational impotence of VSU and its NATO "advisers", because they never fought in their life in ISR environment which provides a real time tactical and operational awareness for Russia. US got used to doing this to some peasants armed with RPGs, but to be on the receiving end... Thus, it all becomes a suicide. 

As I repeat ad nauseam--this is not Russian rah-rah, this is the reality for which NATO forces simply are not ready and will not be ready for a very long time, if ever. As I stated, look at the performance of SU-57 in tandem with SU-35s--what we know, how much we don't know is a whole other story--but BVR air-to-air combat is now a mainstay for Russian Air Force and I wonder what would Maverick do against R-37 or R-33? I am sure Pentagon tries to learn from SMO, but it will not and I explained why for years. 

In related news, now Russians are openly mocking Biden's Admin. In Ria:

Байден заслужил второй срок в Белом доме

Translation: Biden Deserved Second Term in the White House

Read the whole piece (in Russian). Description of GOP is also on point--a collection of cowards working for dictatorship. Few exceptions here and there merely confirm the rule.

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