Monday, April 17, 2023


 ... who would have thought. 

Female soldiers are ill-equipped to be effective in some combat situations, the Israel Defense Forces have said, including women in Israel’s elite armed forces isn’t possible due to physiological differences between them and their male counterparts, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) told the country’s High Court of Justice on Monday, according to a report by the Jerusalem Post. The position taken by the IDF comes amid requests by women to be considered for try-outs for special forces units and follows two separate analytical studies conducted in recent years into the effectiveness of female soldiers in specific units, such as heavy infantry. These analyses found, according to the IDF, that women run a far greater risk of injury when required to perform tasks that require lifting heavy weights, such as backpacks and large firearms. 

And how could this be, you may ask? Look at him in Russian Spetsnaz;))) 

This is how you go to your special forces' tasks (hint: a famous Russian meme: Russian Spetsnaz--senseless and merciless))) Now, for me, including my classmates, who went through grueling training in Soviet Marines in Separate Naval Infantry Brigade of the Black Sea Fleet in Kazachya Bay in 1981, and who trained with Saturn special forces and fought them in full contact fights, not to mention this very funny little best school of Soviet frogmen at the cape Sultan--about 5 minutes of walk from the KPP-1 of my naval academy--it is always a fascinating experience listening to the guys like this (whoever he is) when they talk about Soviet/Russian special forces and their operations which they "learned" from who knows where. This is the copy from some comment to my video:

Let me explain.  Tony Shaffer has zero knowledge of Russian special forces and of Russian operations in Afghanistan, because... and here are some news for him and those fanboys who think that they know Russia's military history:

This is 30 years ago, in Seattle's FBI office where yours truly (left most in camel jacket), Special Agent in Charge Bill Gore (later Sheriff of San Diego), this GUY next to him, and the former chief of staff of the First Division of MCh PV KGB USSR have been met by a number of law enforcement agencies, including SPD and other naval and USCG officials, and it was an amazing time, two guys to the left of Bill Gore have been treated like royalties. I wasn't because I had other business. So, about this GUY to the left of Bill Gore (I am going to omit his name), he looks like Pushtu, right? Well, he spoke perfect Pushtu and what he did in Afghanistan in 1980s, including as "some guy" who was some Pushtu commander (while being as Russian as they come) is what makes me always smile when I hear some US "special forces" guy waxing about Soviet/Russian Spetsnaz. So, they have no clue, really. I doubt most would pass entrance exams into classic Russian Combined Arms Academy (Общевойсковое Училище), forget about getting into serious naval or air force academy. BTW, the amount of alcohol me, people in photo, and Vietnam veterans, our friends, we drunk--Good God, LOL)) Different times, different vibe. 

Yes, this is us in 1981 in Separate Brigade near Sevastopol just screwing around)))

This was called the "execution of the ass-hole")))

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