Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Why, Oh Why;))

Politico, through the writing of its amateur shysters "educated" in US degree mills in "international studies" or other "communications" type skills and some of who actually finally got their pubes growing (read their C.V.s--it is LOL) wonders: 

The Biden administration has yet to use its Lend-Lease authorities to send weapons to Ukraine, senior administration officials and lawmakers told NatSec Daily. The U.S. under President JOE BIDEN has committed nearly $35 billion in security assistance for Kyiv since Russia’s invasion, all of it coming from drawdowns of U.S. military stocks or future weapons production. But Congress also gave Biden Lend-Lease authority last year, allowing the U.S. to cut through bureaucratic red tape and gift weapons to Ukraine with the expectation of reimbursement down the line. To date, the administration has chosen not to use that option, mainly because the congressionally approved pot of money that hasn’t been zeroed out yet. “We are prioritizing security assistance that they would not have to pay us back for,” a senior administration official said on the condition of anonymity to detail sensitive internal discussions. However, the official added that the administration is “certainly open to using it in the future.” The focus right now is on “other existing authorities that Congress has authorized.” Another reason for keeping Lend-Lease in the back pocket could be because there’s currently bipartisan support for sending weapons to Ukraine. Should Republican resistance grow, or popular sentiment turn against the war, then it’d make sense to use Lend-Lease to work around legislative efforts to block future weapons deliveries, said a Democratic congressional aide who was granted anonymity to speak freely about the party’s thinking.

OK, let me translate it into normal human language: no matter what  the congressional hustle, a euphemism for pretending to "legislate", is, the United States of 2023 and the United States of 1941 are two different countries and the United States of 2023, allowed for adjustments, is an economic dwarf compared to its own self circa 1942-43. But that fact, meaning inability to fight REAL large scale combined arms war, aside the whole idea seeing American weapons, around which the mythology of American military was built in the last 30 years, is a terrifying idea for many in Washington. And those weapons will burn in industrial quantities because they are simply not designed for real large war. 

I repeat ad nauseam for many years, that American politics, built primarily around PR and show off for the consumption of increasingly docile "electorate", cannot permit PR disasters of a scale which will completely and finally disclose America's military-economic impotence. The question here is NOT just about US' inability to produce or ramp up production of the key war materiel. No, the issue is scarier--it is operational-strategic and the whole boondoggle with 404 suicide "planning" in NATO exposed utter military military incompetence across the board. As I spoke yesterday in my video--most US fighting "doctrines" such as SEAD, combined arms, a proverbial Airland Battle, which "transitioned" into Multi-Domain Operations are nothing more than white-board theories based on beating Iraq or appropriating the "experience" of Israeli Army--hardly a good yardstick for real war. Yet, here it is. 

In the end, apart from incompatibility of the US arsenal for the needs of such operations as SMO, one can now openly and confidently state that the U.S. Army wouldn't fare much better than VSU and even with the best it has got for the battlefield a wholesale annihilation of high-value assets such as shooting down AWACS and combat planes, destroying battalion worth of personnel and its hardware daily, not to speak of the suppression of ISR, one can only speculate on the way the US Army would react to such realities. And, of course, the stream of KIAs and wounded back to the US would have a dramatic effect politically. It is one thing to lose 56,000 KIAs in Vietnam over 10 years, totally another is losing 150,000-170,000 KIAs in 12 months. When all those facts are considered, the answer to the title of the Politico BS Why Biden hasn’t loaned weapons to Ukraine is easily found. But Politico as well as most US establishment media wouldn't even dare to go there. Plus, most of people who work there as "contributors" are ignorant morons anyway and do as told by their party or intel services curators. 

I am not being too harsh, in the exhibit A of how to commit suicide on the national level, Spiegel reports:

Atomausstieg ist laut Habeck unumkehrbar. Am Samstag ist Schluss: Die drei letzten deutschen Atomkraftwerke werden abgeschaltet. Und zwar endg├╝ltig, sagt der Wirtschaftsminister. In der Ampel – und in der Bev├Âlkerung – sehen das nicht alle so. 

Translation: According to Habeck, the nuclear phase-out is irreversible It's over on Saturday: the last three German nuclear power plants will be shut down. And finally, says the Economics Minister. Not everyone sees it that way in the traffic light – and in the population.

I will repeat again, as I did for many years now, the nation which consistently makes "green" party and its affiliates a serious political force has some severe psychological, if not psychiatric, issues. The economic demolition of the Western Civilization continues. In related news, however:

Hungary has reached an agreement with Russian energy company Gazprom on possible gas supplies in excess of what is provided for in long-term contracts, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said during a visit to Moscow on Tuesday. The announcement followed talks with Russian Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak and the CEO of Russian nuclear energy major Rosatom, Aleksey Likhachev. “We managed to agree with Gazprom the possibility of buying supply volumes in excess of the amount indicated in the long-term contracts, if a need arises in the course of preparation for winter ...mainly through the Turkish Stream [pipeline],” Szijjarto stated. “Today we extended the agreements regarding this possibility,” he added. The sides also discussed a possible acceleration of the ongoing expansion of Hungary’s Paks nuclear power plant by Rosatom. The two countries’ nuclear cooperation has sparked a backlash from some EU member states.

You see, culturally Western Civilization increasingly shifts to the East of the Continent. "Western" (old) Europe is gone.

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