Tuesday, April 4, 2023


I don't even know how to interpret this shit anymore. It defies human logic. 

Exclusive: German insurers renew cover for blast-damaged Nord Stream gas link. LONDON/FRANKFURT, April 4 (Reuters) - German insurers Allianz and Munich Re have renewed cover for the damaged Russia-controlled Nord Stream 1 gas pipeline, five sources with knowledge of the matter said, indicating that its revival has not been ruled out after an alleged sabotage attack. Insurance by two of Germany's biggest companies is critical for any long-term future of the pipeline, which was the main route for Russian gas to Europe for a decade before the blast last September.

I think they need to update themselves on what Lavrov stated two days ago when commenting on Russia's new foreign policy concept. He stated that EU is an "unfriendly" union and if they want Russia's favors, they better become friendly, which is a euphemism for removal of current European "elites" or, in layman's lingo--regime change. This, of course, is impossible and de-industrialization of EU will continue apace. In fact, it only accelerates and EU poodles will find little sympathy in Beijing too. Simple as that. Let Europe eat cake.(c)

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