Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Well, They Voted For That...

 ... and considering the level of sheer cretinism in NYC it is only natural:

New York City will track the carbon footprint of residents’ food consumption as part of a sweeping initiative to decrease the city’s carbon emissions from food by a third this year, Mayor Eric Adams revealed on Monday at an event for the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Environmental Justice. About a fifth of New York’s greenhouse gas emissions come from household food consumption, Adams told reporters, blaming much of that total on meat and dairy. Household food consumption is supposedly the third largest contributor to city emissions totals, trailing only buildings and transportation. The Mayor’s Office of Food Policy has ordered city agencies to reduce their food consumption by 33% by 2030, and Adams has asked private corporations to cut their own emissions by 25% by 2030, insisting New Yorkers’ wasteful eating habits cannot continue without imperiling the planet. “It is easy to talk about emissions that are coming from vehicles and how it impacts our carbon footprint,” he said. “But now we have to talk about beef.” City officials urged New Yorkers to put down the burgers and pick up vegetables and beans.  

Oh, I agree totally. Not only I support this measure, granted I am not a New Yorker, but I think organizing fart police which will sniff out the content of beef and beans in New Yorkers' miasma should also be introduced as a mandatory study subject (together with Gender and Greta Thunberg studies) into NYC colleges and schools instead of math, physics, chemistry and classic literature. This new police department will ensure that New York dwellers will meet their quota of celery and tomatoes as their main cuisine and will save our planet from those horrible emissions. I also suggest to build a wall around NYC because at some point of time this is how every US coastal city will look like, including the mode of transportation:

But at least they will save the Earth.

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