Monday, February 5, 2024

It Is Not Just Germany.

Pretty much all of EU (and US) economic statistics is a financial legerdemain and it is just the start of strangling of EU economy in earnest. 

Germany has been hit harder simply because the US views her as a main competitor in EU and as a "locomotive" of EU's economy. Locomotive being a misnomer, of course, more like a handcar. Again, it is the globalist model which is in a free fall. And don't let me started on Military-Industrial Complex of Europe. Good luck with new tanks, combat aircraft and other things. F-35 for everyone)) Rafale? Forget it--it begins to near obsolescence plus France cannot produce enough on time. So, yeah, now it seems that whatever is being left of 404 is being "given" as a "gift" to EU by the US--let EU taxpayer foot the bill for keeping this quasi-country afloat... for now. LOL. Recall, I warned about it... 

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