Friday, February 2, 2024

It Is Almost Not A News Anymore.

Putin nonchalantly stated obvious: 

The latest Russian weapons are superior to analogues produced in NATO countries, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at a meeting with participants of the forum "Everything for Victory!" Putin noted the good pace and quality of the work of the Russian defense industry and said that the latest weapons produced in Russia are superior to those of NATO. And if we compare "modern NATO weapons, weapons of the last period of the Soviet era, they are inferior in some ways, but not always," he added.

That's not a hot air akin to Trump's "super-pooper missiles" or Obama's "the finest fighting force in history" proclamations. This is empirically proven statement.  It is also remarkable how Russia keeps mum on the issue of this "sunk missile boat". Evidently there is nothing to report so far. For comparison recall the sinking of Moskva with MoD reporting on the issue almost hourly. Same goes for amphibious ship damaged and sunk in Mariupol. Make your own conclusions. Again, VSU, which has been called today by Putin a terrorist organization, which it is, and Kiev regime can subsist only on PR stunts--such as recent BS story about "shot down" A-50 AWACS plane and circulating year old photos of the empennage of IL-22 damaged slightly by shrapnel from a drone. 

As Shoigu reported today, VSU lost in January more than 23,000 KIAs and wounded (in Russian). These are events which undeniably create a horrendously grim emotional atmosphere in Pentagon, not to mention Washington's lapdogs from London and Berlin, exacerbated with a severe case of a professional envy. The only military fodder they have now is what Larry masterfully described as a Groundhog Day:

Joe Biden is pulling a page from Donald Trump and has authorized a strike that is going to be touted as massive retaliation. Except the targets of those attacks already know it is going to happen and are taking evasive steps. Biden is doing this for sheer political benefit to try to calm the chorus of members of Congress and the neo-con class demanding action while presenting himself to the American public as a man of action. At the same time it looks like Biden and his team wisely decided to avoid actually killing Iranians or their proxies. As I have written previously, a serious attack on Iranian interests will provoke significant retaliation from Iran and face the United States with the dilemma of launching a new war in the Middle East during an election year. I suspect that the U.S. General at the CAOC will be making some phone calls to Russian counterparts to ensure that there is no chance of any confrontation between Russian and U.S. air assets. Hence, deja vu all over again aka Ground Hog Day. Just like the U.S. and U.K. bombings in Yemen, this is sound and fury signifying nothing. It is not going to improve the sagging strategic fortunes of the United States in the Middle East.

Yes, same as Ukie "counter-offensive", the bombing is announced days in advance. Well, there is an upside to it too--neither Iran nor the US want a real war. So, let the USAF bomb some empty shit in desert and call it a day, or two. US neocons are so dumb militarily that their understanding of war is reduced to this:

As long as something explodes it gives those morons a satisfaction. What do you expect from Ivy League political "scientists", lawyers and "government"--dumbed down specialists whose only loyalty is to Israel. As Phil Giraldi tells Judge:

It is pretty much over for American governance and whatever feeble so called "intellectual" elite which is wholesale uncultured and ignorant. Having a fat bank account and a tenure in some Ivy League degree mill or knowing the difference between Monet (Claude) and Monet (Edourad) doesn't make one "cultured", it merely makes one refined, such as some single cask Scotch compared to a half-gallon bottle of Johnny Walker Red Label from COSTCO--in the end, after consumption of a fifth the hangover is the same. American "elite" is uncultured and militarily utterly incompetent. So, it is the fate of Frito's car from Idiocracy. 

Meanwhile Russian Navy received two days ago the newest, second, and first serial, SSK of pr.677  Kronshtadt.

Next hulls of this class of subs will be with AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) which is nearing completion. These subs have a state-of-the-art sonar complex and are extremely quiet. So much for "failed" sub, eh? I guess Western media lied, again. Yawn. 

P.S. Still waiting for info on the missile boat. 

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