Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Two Brand New, Two Deeply Modernized...

Vladimir Putin inspects 4 of TU-160s. Two of them are absolutely brand new aircraft built from scratch and are equipped with latest avionics. Two others are deeply modernized ones also with everything new inside. 

By the end of this year Russian VKS should receive additional two TU-160s. As you may have guessed, the arsenal these supersonic bombers carry is astounding, ranging from 8,000+ kilometer range Kh-BD cruise missile to highly likely, due to supersonic speed of TU-160s, hypersonic weapons. 

Meanwhile, Russia is not interested. 

As has been discussed in my circle, the whole hysteria could be, actually, an excuse for Biden Administration to restore contacts with Kremlin for discussion of a completely different issue--namely, how to get the US out of the catastrophic defeat in 404. But Washington is now so deep into its own BS that one cannot trust anything emanating from it. 

Meanwhile, combined West continues to progress scientifically with some astonishing achievements:

German paleobiologists have called for an overhaul of the system used in naming dinosaurs, arguing the current nomenclature contains nearly 100 “potentially offensive” names, Nature magazine reported on Tuesday, citing the team’s still-unpublished paper. A group of researchers analyzed the names of every dinosaur fossil from the Mesozoic Era, defined as between 251.9 million and 66 million years ago, combing through 1,500 species for names they perceived as “emanating racism, sexism, named after (neo)colonial contexts or after controversial figures).” They found 89 “problematic” species, according to Nature, amounting to less than 3% of the names analyzed. A dinosaur species might be deemed problematic simply because its name was based on the colonial name for the area where the fossil was discovered, the researchers explained, lamenting that “indigenous-language names of places or researchers are often not used or are mistranslated.”

Great "research" and "contribution" to the field. Next step is renaming weapon systems which, through proper pronouns, will increase their combat effectiveness/s. 

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