Monday, February 5, 2024

Of Course, He Is Coy...

 ... Tucker is experienced guy and he knows that he will be followed... no, not by FSB, albeit I am sure they are guarding rather than following him, but by all kinds of Western provocateurs. 

US political commentator Tucker Carlson, who is currently in Moscow, has refused to confirm or deny that he plans to interview President Vladimir Putin, merely answering the question with “we’ll see.” The former Fox News host, who now has a show on X (formerly Twitter), was approached by a fan at a Russian hotel, the newspaper Izvestia reported on Monday, publishing a video of the short encounter. The two exchanged pleasantries, with Carlson saying it was his first visit to Russia. “I wanted to talk to [people] and walk around and see how it was doing. And it was doing very well,” he said, giving his impressions of the country. Images of Carlson in Moscow first appeared online last Saturday, sparking speculation about his trip. The TV personality made no secret of his wish to interview the Russian leader, and claimed that his backchannel efforts to organize such a meeting a few years ago made him the target of US surveillance.

Neocons are going bananas and rightly so--Tucker's interview with Putin will be a severe blow to neocon cabal in Washington which drives the US into the ground. Especially so against the background of massive layoffs in corporate media--a euphemism for neocon media whores--which lose audience to emerging alternative media.

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