Sunday, February 18, 2024

Anyone Is Surprised?

Of course not. Impotence is a horrible thing for once great empire. Those phantom pains--they are so severe. 

Украинские войска сбили российский самолет Ил-76 с пленными украинцами под давлением британских советников, сообщил источник. Источник РИА «Новости» рассказал, что данный шаг был предпринят «без согласования со штабом ПВО в Киеве». Дополнительная проверка информации о движении воздушных судов над Белгородской областью также не проводилась. 24 января в районе Белгорода ВСУ сбили самолет Ил-76 ВКС России, на борту которого находились 65 пленных украинцев, шесть членов экипажа и трое сопровождающих.

Translation: Ukrainian troops shot down a Russian Il-76 plane carrying captured Ukrainians under pressure from British advisers, a source said. A RIA Novosti source said that this step was taken “without coordination with the air defense headquarters in Kyiv.” No additional verification of information about aircraft movements over the Belgorod region was carried out either. On January 24, near Belgorod, the Ukrainian Armed Forces shot down an Il-76 aircraft of the Russian Aerospace Forces, on board which were 65 captured Ukrainians, six crew members and three accompanying persons.

That is pretty much the extent of British "military expertise" and overwhelming, debilitating complex of inferiority and, which is psychology 101, as a result, the visceral hatred of Russia which dwarfs UK economically and militarily. So, what's left? Of course, kill the defenseless. Vengeance, no matter how pity and pathetic is the only thing which drives London.

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