Thursday, February 1, 2024

As We All Know...

 ... Ukies do not operate Patriot PAC3. Those systems are operated by US personnel, including making a decision on its use. 

The US and its citizens are complicit in the deaths of the Ukrainian POWs who were killed last week when the Russian Il-76 military aircraft transporting them was shot down by Kiev’s troops, Moscow’s Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, has said. On Thursday, Russia’s Investigative Committee released a report stating that the cargo plane was destroyed using two US-made MIM-104A missiles fired by a Patriot air-defense system. The Il-76 came down in Russia’s Belgorod Region last Wednesday. All of those on board – 65 Ukrainian POWs, three Russian troops, and six crew members – were killed. Russian investigators stated that Ukrainian troops fired the missiles from a staging area in Kharkov Region, not far from the village of Liptsy, some 10km from the Russian border. They based their conclusion on 116 missile fragments found at the crash site bearing inscriptions in English. Responding to the report, Zakharova said in a Telegram post that US citizens “need to know where their money is going,” arguing that President Joe Biden and his administration have made Americans “complicit in a bloody tragedy.”

I am sure those guys will get Bronze Star for shooting a defenseless aircraft carrying POWs. Not the first time the US shot down civilian aircraft. 

Somehow, I am not surprised--the rage and hatred is boiling in Pentagon after it was exposed as impotent and those "servicemen" couldn't miss such an opportunity to shoot down essentially a civilian aircraft whose arrival was... coordinated with Ukrainian side. Well, this is about the level of "operations" they can conduct nowadays--shooting civilian aircraft from the AD ambush. Hollywood should make a movie about these "heroes".

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