Saturday, February 24, 2024

Anybody Is Surprised?

I am not. War for the US is grift. Yes, Smedley Butler and racket, we all know that, but this is different here per this DoD Report. As Bloomberg reports:

Well, much of stolen weapons ranging from Javelins to small arms and even Stingers will end up, and you have guessed it, in Europe. In fact, they are already there. I wonder who has them, right? And then, of course, as reported in Russian media there are serious issues with sustainability or, rather, lack thereof with the US shipping its advanced systems such as Patriot PAC3s to 404. Not that the repairing and maintaining them would help with modern ISR. Meanwhile Russian forces continue to liberate townships around Avdeevka. Today Lastochkino and Severnoe have been liberated. In Rabotino the battles rage in the center of the town and, in general, the front is collapsing. Hence, yet another "A-50 shot down", another Russian division "destroyed" and VSU are about to capture Moscow. 

Still, why these reports now? Hm.

Wink, wink.

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