Monday, February 12, 2024

Keep In Mind...

... that Trump's statements about quitting NATO, while creating a horrendous butt-hurt all around globalists stooges such as General (ret.) Clark who, I hope, attends some anger-management courses, are empty. And they shouldn't worry--this is Trump's shtick which he sells to MAGA crowd but which he will never implement due to him, in case of getting once more to the Oval Office, having no tool kit to change anything in the US. But that's what Trump does, being a true master of his word--he gives the word and then easily takes it back. Remember his "drain the swamp" thingy? There you go. The issue is much deeper than one or another political personality, because for the US to survive one needs totally different prescriptions. 

So, if that hasn't been enough, today's WSJ headline should scare the shit out of all of us:

Kamala Harris Says She Is Ready to Serve as Biden Faces Age Scrutiny. In a recent interview, the vice president cites her ‘capacity to lead’ after stops on her abortion-rights tour.
I am sure Joe will be really glad to hear these revelations from his VP and God helps us all if she becomes POTUS, which, as surreal as it seems, may come true considering conclusions by special counsel Robert Hur about POTUS.

Special counsel Robert Hur released a 388-page report last Thursday that concluded Biden “willfully” retained classified documents but cleared Biden of any wrongdoing. The report also featured details about the 81-year-old’s memory and recall, describing the president as a “sympathetic, well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.” Hur’s report claimed Biden did not remember “even within several years” when his son Beau died or when his vice presidential term ended.   

Well, this is a perfect epitome of what is happening to good ol' USA. I remember Brezhnev in early 1980s (he died in 1982), he was a battered man with poor health--the result of his actual heroism and concussions in WW II--but he died with clear mind as his close associates stated. His couple of slips in his last years cannot hold a candle to Joe fireworks of verbal embarrassment on a daily basis. Here is Brezhnev playing domino in Crimea not long before his death:

Can Joe do this? 

Meanwhile, Mr. Helmholtz Smith at Larry's blog succinctly expresses the current historic moment:

Now that the Ukraine war is dragging to a close and NATO is running out of willpower, money, guns, tanks and artillery shells, with shaky economies, unstable politics, too many angry farmers and new wars (domestic and foreign) to worry about, it’s time to remember just how it all began.

Easily, lightheartedly, stupidly –if you don’t know anything, everything looks easy.

False assumptions and false history explain how Washington and the NATO it controls got into this mess.

Excellent short read. You see, this is what happens when one confabulates own history. Or as James Madison said: a bad cause seldom fails to betray itself (c). So, this time has come.

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