Tuesday, February 6, 2024

These Dreams...

... and I don't mean our Seattle girls Heart's great song, I am talking primarily about wet dreams by NYT about "peace deal" in 404. They do admit, though:

Oh boy, those kids from NYT--cannot even draw a proper historic analogy. But we know they are incompetent as most media are, but they continue to dream, like in wet dreams:

Vladimir Putin may accept a peace deal that gives him the territory he occupies now and that forces Ukraine to stay neutral, halting its integration with Europe. Ukrainians call this bargain a capitulation. But without additional American aid, they may be forced to take it. A better deal for Ukraine would give it back at least some of its land, plus a promise that the United States and Europe would help defend it against Russia. Perhaps then Putin would think twice about further attacks. In this scenario, Ukraine might not join NATO or the European Union immediately, the prospect of which helped drive Russia’s invasion in the first place.

Yeah, sure. NATO "defense" of 404. The whole piece is an exercise in delusion, but then again, look who wrote it, I mean Julian Barnes.

Yep, agree--this writing is a level of school newspaper. I mean public high school. Hm, I wonder if Richard Nixon was onto something when describing American news-papers. 

Yep, media elitist complex. Granted that US media "elites" are a collection of hacks and whores. But good ol' Dick nailed it here.

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