Friday, February 23, 2024

Well, What Did You Expect?

When your electric insulation is made of corn-based fibers--it is an open invitation for rodents to the table. 

Yes, we all know that the war must be eco-friendly. After all, who would want to be killed by polluting and dirty 152-mm shell when the same could be accomplished by using 152-mm eco-friendly organic shells, which not only will kill you but will preserve the environment and by blowing you up to smithereens provide a good distribution of organic remnants of human body over large area, thus providing good natural fertilizer for the soil. You see--everybody wins, well, with the exception of the organic son of a bitch who is blown up, but other than that--the environment is preserved and even enhanced. Who wouldn't want to support such a war. Ah, wait!  

There you go! 

Now we're good!

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