Friday, February 16, 2024

A Mistake...

Colonel still thinks that Putin is some naive guy who waits for the political change in Europe, thus, for now, avoiding large offensive operations. Nothing could be further from the truth--Russia's strategic analysis is arguably the best in the world and nobody in Russia's Security Council has any illusions on the nature of European regimes and populations. Europe is not coming back, it is over. I understand Colonel's frustration with Germans, but it is what it is--a brainwashed population with a few islands of common sense here and there. And it has to be understood that there could be no normal relations between Russia and Germany, despite a lingering myth about some abstract Russo-German economic "alliance". It was always nothing but a myth.

Per Syrsky being an asset of MI6 and being "employed" for primarily terrorist attacks on Russian soil against civilian targets--possible. The whole governing structure in UK is a joke, as are its military and intel services, who channel frustration from being a third rate power into killing civilians and false flag operations--this, they still can do. The pain and suffering from sensing own role as nothing but a chihuahua in the fight of a bear with behemoth is understandable, but UK should concentrate primarily on dealing with immigration and cultural "enrichment", not on pathetic attempts at feeling itself important, it is not and hasn't been in a long time. 

To understand why Colonel is wrong, enough to take a look at Elena Karaeva's excellent piece in Ria today with the title: In War With Russia Europe Bought Itself One-way Ticket. Sadly, machine translation may kill some sarcasm and contempt for the combined West in this piece, but it is still worth reading. But the title is correct in every respect. 

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