Friday, February 23, 2024

How To (Over)Sell Free Stuff.

Hmm, secret algorithms, "intel", super-duper optics, analysts...Wow! Just listen to this. 

Ah, those imported microchips. Hm. So, I, having no fucking access to any super-duper algorithms and "intel", went on Google Maps and simply zoomed in at the KNAAZ and lo and behold... 

Count all you want, and, yes, Russia produces not only SU-35s but SU-57s at Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Surprise, surprise--there is no... surprise. The shtick with microchips by now is so dated and beaten to death that I don't know how to explain to maroons that 365 to 90 nm topology is produced domestically, in Russia. Even 60 nm is produced in Russia. This is the topology used in modern combat aircraft and other systems. Plus, explaining that Russia also produces a truck load of  ASIC... I don't know. Whatever it takes for all those mom's basement "analysts" to monetize free stuff as long as it is being sold under the guise of ooh, such "secret" and "advanced"  algorithms. I would also suggest those people to check their number of produced SU-35s--they are way off. A hint--the number is much larger than claimed by them 114.

P.S. I may have some very pleasant surprise for you fairly soon. I'll give you a hint--it is interview;)

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