Tuesday, February 13, 2024

OK, Clock Watch...

 ... It will never go away, because what IF... your ship is struck, how are you going to keep the time which is critical for a ship and her weapon systems, and, most importantly, navigation once all those fancy GPS/GLONASS systems are knocked out... My dear buddy who haven been drinking all kind of alcoholic shit onboard of USS Yorktown and USS Bannon and then on Russian naval ships (he still cannot recall in what order, neither can US counterparts) in 1990 (he is a bubble-head), he demonstrated how to navigate ship (that is to fix position) using the most primitive means such as stop-watch, ship's watch, thread and protractor, when one doesn't have a sextant. 

They have been impressed but... ok, nobody knows the amount of alcohol consumed then by both sides. Nor can anyone recall it. But, still, when people ask me why I have so many watches--it is not my fashion sense, it is the instrument I have to have on my wrist. Smart-phones are fine, but what if...

Here it is. From one of my favorite channels. They always have been there and, most likely, always will be.

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