Thursday, February 1, 2024

As Was Promised...

 ... Vladimir Trukhan and I respond to questions and give some basics for Russian view on warfare. 

This also answers the question which one of our friends posted in the previous thread--about opinion on the summary of Jacques Baud's new book on Russian Art of War. The summary is excellent and Baud echoes what we have been talking about for years... Operationally NATO basically has no clue what war is--one of the major reason for Pentagon's hatred and professional envy. 

Russian military thought is traditionally linked to a holistic approach to warfare, which involves the integration of a large number of factors in the development of a strategy. This approach is materialized by the concept of “correlation of forces” (Соотношение сил).

I am on record--the US (and West) has no viable strategic analysis as such. Actually no--if it would have been absent it would have been still better than what passes for it in the West. The result? Well, it is in a front of our very eyes. 

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