Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Why They Never Learn.

I browsed the latest from TRADOC's Russian Tactics and even brief reviewing the document shows why US military learns nothing and will continue to lose its wars. Just a simple example:

While Russia's Aerospace Defense Forces contain a vast array of operational and strategic air defense assets, the bulk of short and medium range air defense resources are situated with the Air Defense Troops of the SV. Indeed, medium and short-range air defense assets can be found in dedicated SV air defense brigades while SV maneuver units contain an abundance of organic short range air defense resources. This three-tier or layered system allows for the creation of anti-access area-denial zones which could prove challenging to aggressor aircraft, cruise missiles, and UAVs. However, recent conflicts in Syria and Libya have shown that many of the exported Russian air defense systems proved ineffective in countering drones and low flying missiles. The Israeli Air Force also has been extremely successful in defeating Russian air defense systems using combinations of electromagnetic warfare (REB), anti-radiation missiles, and precision guided munitions. These limitations for export versions are at least partly due to inadequate operator training and lack of dedicated maintenance. These limitations will have reduced impact on the effectiveness in the SV. Although Russian Aerospace Forces and the SV have certainly made great strides in building an integrated air defense system, major challenges remain in the realm of acquisitions, training, and operational viability. 

They call themselves "military professionals". They take legacy Soviet and early 1990s Russian AD complexes such as very first versions of Buk-M1 or even S-75 against useless Israeli AF experience due to them having no gonads to even enter Syria's airspace instead attacking from Lebanon or Israel, and apply those "experiences" to SMO where Russia AD performs absolutely magnificently against every single class of targets. This is a sheer lack of serious operational thinking and a sign of tactical illiteracy. Next thing you know, they will "apply" IDF's "experience" in Gaza, where Israelis have shown themselves as primarily genocidal force against civilians incapable to deal with HAMAS, while sustaining appalling losses in armor and personnel. 

In related news, Israeli Air Force DID NOT defeat Russian AD, because it didn't fly against it, and because it would cease to fly if it tried, it "defeated" (not really) SYRIAN AD armed with legacy Soviet systems. This, boys and girls, is the level of "operational thinking" of TRADOC, which managed to train merely barrier troops for shooting into the backs of retreating AFU, while US air defense being a joke. This is the level of insufferable professional envy and sour grapes. When this type of "thinking" makes it into what is supposed to be a professional analytical (and guidance) publication--it is over for the force which, first, buys own propaganda BS, and then cannot adapt. Mind-boggling. But then again, the US is acting as Israel's armed forces, hence the pathetic level of understanding of modern war.

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