Sunday, February 18, 2024

Colonel Is Out Of His Depth...

... on Russia. He doesn't speak Russian, he doesn't know Russian history, he has no relatives in Russia, he never graduated any educational facility there and he is completely brainwashed on WW II on the Eastern Front, and he has the audacity to suggest to a nation of 150 million "to come to terms" about Stalin and "Communist past".  

He continues to repeat (I will debunk his "numbers" tomorrow) propaganda by Soviet dissidents about USSR. He also still doesn't understand what Soviet/Russian military is. I appreciate his common sense approach and American patriotism, much of which is admirable, but he simply doesn't know military history of the XX century, period. His last book was a complete academic disaster. And I understand that he needs to look for legacy, but Battle of 73 Easting didn't "change the face of modern war", nor did counter-attack across Suez. America learns absolutely nothing, including REAL history, and American exceptionalism is a cancer which ate completely last vestiges of American intellect and integrity, that even in the face of a collapse of the US hegemony and military-political myths blown up to smithereens, Colonel continues to operate with pseudo-historic fantasies which drive him to condescendingly pontificate to a country and people he simply knows very little about. Of course, how can those backward and uneducated Russians know their own history. I heard good Colonel mentioning talking to some Russian general who told him the truth. Boy, if I had a dollar after every conversation with general or admiral.

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