Tuesday, February 13, 2024

I Know It May Hurt...

... understandably some of our UK friends--but current UK and "military analysis" is oxymoron.  Recall these "military experts" from RUSI. Current UK military level is at the most brigade level staff work and Sandhurst being a joke, yet, these guys continue to parade themselves as a bunch of clowns:

LONDON — Russia is spending around one-third of its budget on defense, but is burning through arms, ammunition and troops at an unsustainable pace, says a report published today. Russia will be able to sustain its war effort in Ukraine for "two to three more years," says International Institute for Strategic Studies Director General Bastian Giegerich. "But in doing so, it will have to sacrifice quality for quantity." The Military Balance report by the IISS, a London-based think tank, shows that Russia's invasion of Ukraine has unleashed a deluge of defense spending around the world — most of it from Russia's rivals. Global defense spending increased by 9 percent in 2023 to exceed $2.2 trillion; NATO countries spent over half of that amount, with the U.S. leading the pack by a vast margin.

It is impossible to explain to military which thinks that you can prepare a cadre officer with degree in journalism or classic in 44 weeks to be a military professional that you must have a serious basic course in REAL military history and in STEM. Especially in STEM as built around modern weapon systems and physical principles realized in them. This is precisely the reason these guys who can deploy a single semi-ready mechanized brigade to battlefield cannot find their ass with their both hands in a brightly lit room. Boy, Viscount Montgomery is spinning in his grave. So, they produce yet another "report" which is, traditionally, devoid of any understanding of Russia, real economy and this teeny-weeny thing called COFM--Correlation of Forces and Means. I guess for economic and military  Lilliputians it is beyond their grasp.

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