Thursday, February 8, 2024

Well, A Storm Of Sorts...

 ... at Judge's channel today with Lt.Colonel Tony Shaffer confirming again, that huge swaths of US "military experts" have no clue about Russian Armed Forces and Russia in general. 

Even in the comments to the video this guy was taken to task. But this is delusion worthy of Jack Devine, who resides in some alternative reality, Judge periodically brings him to show to... humiliate Jack? Now this. There is no need to sit here and go through TOE of each service of Russian Armed Forces, but I can only repeat what I said now many times--the US lost the arms race in most categories which define COFM. But this is an exhibit A of Western so-called military "experts". What kind of intelligence Tony Shaffer was providing for DoD one can only imagine. As I warned for years--there will be (already is) a copious amount of sour grapes in NATO militaries, especially so in the US, when the whole mythology of the "finest fighting force in history" will be blown to smithereens as it happened in SMO. Now observe how Syrsky will be throwing reserves into Avdeevka where they will be annihilated, while total mobilization--kids, old people, women gets underway in 404. "To the last Ukrainian" is the only strategy Pentagon could come up with. Well, Russia will accommodate. 

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