Tuesday, August 9, 2022

People Started Asking Me...

 ...after I made my latest video today:

And used there the piece from Stalker Zone about John Hopkins University "program", UTube doesn't allow the hyperlink, so I post it here:

How the American Brainwashing Machine Works

Truth is, there is absolutely nothing in that piece which is not known to anyone who follows geopolitics for the last 15 years, and I spoke (and wrote) on a complete degeneracy of the Western "humanities" education on many occasions. The friend of mine yesterday sent me some interesting insights into a complete bonkers and morons who run the US Ivy League programs in these "studies", ranging from economics, to history to "international relations"--it is full blown Mike Judge's Idiocracy in action. Sadly, it is private matter and I cannot post it here, but, Good God, these people are literally credentialed imbeciles. 

So, no wonder the new generation Z doesn't like Metallica. 

I am sure soon Tchaikovsky and Beethoven will be cancelled too. Hm, Wagner should have been cancelled long time ago, after all, Hitler loved his music./s I leave comments about FBI raiding Trump's residence to more law-inclined people, but, boy, this country goes down really fast. And we didn't see yet real strategic shifts, which, I am sure, are coming after Pelosi' reckless escapade with Taiwan. With generation Z growing up, the United States and combined West have no future. 

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