Wednesday, August 10, 2022

About Iranian "UAVs".

US media continue to spread this BS about Iranian UAVs for Russia. Here is official statement from Kremlin from July 19 as reported by NTV: 

В Кремле опровергли сообщения о том, что Владимир Путин обсуждал с лидерами Ирана закупки беспилотников.Как заявил помощник российского президента Юрий Ушаков, Путин не обсуждал закупки дронов ни с президентом Ирана Ибрахимом Раиси, ни с верховным лидером страны Али Хаменеи.

Translation:  The Kremlin denied reports that Vladimir Putin had discussed the purchase of drones with Iranian leaders. Russian presidential aide Yury Ushakov said Putin had not discussed drone purchases with either Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi or Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei.

Official Tehran also denied (interview of the Iranian FM to la Repubblica) any rumors about Iran's sale of UAVs to Russia. US MSM continue to spread BS which originated with none other than Jake Sullivan.  And then, of course, there is this teeny-weeny techno-industrial issue which makes this whole story bonkers for a simple reason--Russia has her own manufacturing of UAVs and even the talk about foreign purchases of UAVs by Russia from any side was originated by none other than Mr. Erdogan who merely mentioned that Vladimir Putin "expressed interest" in UAVs with this phrase having a very broad meaning, which absolutely doesn't mean any intentions to buy UAVs. I may go sometimes to a boat show and "express interest" in many boats, it absolutely doesn't mean that I intend to buy any. 

Here is this CNN "report":

(CNN)The US believes Russian officials have begun training on drones in Iran over the last several weeks, the latest sign that Russia intends to purchase the systems as the war in Ukraine continues."During the last several weeks, Russian officials conducted training in Iran as part of the agreement for UAV transfers from Iran to Russia," a US official told CNN. The official said the intelligence about the training has recently been declassified.

As expected--no name of this "official" and to muddy their BS even more they give it a flavor of mystery, like "declassified intelligence". Right, American intel is so good that together with Pentagon is now a butt of jokes for its utter incompetence. But hey, I just "classified" what I ate for dinner. And the phrase "CNN believes" automatically classifies it as a BS by bottom feeders. Same as most declarations originating from Biden Admin.

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