Thursday, August 11, 2022

It Seems...

 ... trolls and people who were born with their mothers (you know--persons who menstruate) standing vertically continue to lurk around this blog. I don't know who those people are, maybe some Ukie nationalists or some MI-6 guys who cannot get a not-so-ugly girl around London, but, Andrey Raevsky described well their Modus Operandi and gave them some advice...

Trolls have been the bane of this blog pretty much since the Euromaidan, and I have had to do all sorts of things to try to limit their toxic effects and I did call them out quite often.  Today, I want to do a nice thing for aspiring trolls, which is to give them a short vademecum on how to be the best troll you can be!

I will make that short, bullet point style, for practical use.  So here we go.

Read the whole thing, trolls, at Saker's site. He gives you good intro into PsyOps. His sarcasm is excellent. But know that you are primitive and easily identified, because you are losers. So, live with it.

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