Friday, August 26, 2022

Friday, Or... Are Fart Jokes Funny?

Unless one is a prude (a euphemism for being a hypocrite), toilet jokes, in general, are funny. I am not going to elaborate on the psychological or cultural reasons for those jokes being funny, but low brow humor does have a massive following and whatever one says, I remember us watching the Naked Gun first time in 1980s and people were suffering from severe stomach pains during the episode of Frank Drebin (God Bless your soul, Leslie Nielsen) going to bathroom during the press-conference of LA authorities in preparation to Queen's visit. 

So, let's cut the crap here and admit--fart jokes are funny and universal in humanity. And here comes this wonderful Friday musical moment. Emily Hopkins is a wonderful harp musician and she is famous for taking her harp into the modern music by running it through all kinds of primarily guitar pedals which range from good ol' Fuzz to all kinds of distortions, choruses, what have you. But Emily wasn't prepared to face this pedal. The beauty of the whole thing is not just in the preposterous idea behind this musical whoopee cushion analogue, but in Emily's absolutely genuine and funny reaction.
It is a very dangerous pedal, once it goes into serial production and we, the lovers of modern music, can only imagine the impact of such a pedal being activated at the rock concert in some 25,000 spectators capacity arena, when the guitar solo comes up and some disgruntled roadie decided to settle the score with his abusive star guitar player by sticking this thing into the circuit. So, enjoy the low brow humor and fart jokes, it is Friday.

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