Monday, February 13, 2023

The Issue Of Scale.

 Mr. Stoltenberg is an exhibit A of why Western "economics" education is primarily a fraud. Don't look at me, an authority on economics orders of magnitude greater than me, Michael Hudson, also thinks so.

Remarkably, Jens Stoltenberg's thesis title (from Oslo University) was, drum roll: Makro√łkonomisk planlegging under usikkerhet. En empirisk analyse ("Macroeconomic planning under uncertainty. An empirical analysis"). One cannot make this shit up even if one tries. So, this "economics" graduate wrote a thesis on something that cannot be accomplished in the modern West because "macroeconomic planning" and the modern West are irreconcilable things. SMO exposed all superficiality and chaos of West's economies dramatically. 

Remarkably, Stoltenberg, complaining about VSU using "enormous amount" of ammunition, forgets a simple fact of life that Russian Armed Forces use ORDER OF MAGNITUDE than whatever is left of VSU-NATO cabal more, and Russia is not just feeling fine, but dramatically expands the production of every single military materiel and technology she needs. That's real macroeconomic planning under uncertainty. But it is too late for Stoltenberg, and NATO in general, to learn now anything of substance about REAL war and REAL war economy. So, the only thing which is left is to spew propaganda which is increasingly detached, if not completely already, from economic and military realities on the ground. They DID miscalculate that badly, they ARE that ignorant--because the failure is systemic, across all institutions of the combined West, military included. 

Well, USA Today begins to suspect things:

'Little by little they are winning': Tide turns in key Ukraine city. Live updates as Russian offensive begins.

Western main-stream journalism is a combination of pathological lying and ignorance. Because what happens in effect now in 404 is not just "little by little" but a complete, industrial scale, annihilation of 404 and NATO's mobilization potentials. Will the West resort to the only thing it can do--terrorism? Possible. As US Embassy in Moscow urged US citizens to leave Russia, the chair of State Duma Committee On Investigation of Interference Into Internal Affair of Russia, Vasily Piskarev, citing SVR's data, explained that the US assets in Russia are getting ready to conduct terrorist actions (in Russian). Nothing new, really. Well, after NS2 terrorist act it is obvious that this is the extent of the current US military "capability" when dealing with serious adversaries. Could also be yet another primitive hack psyop against the background of obvious military-industrial failure. I warned about it for years--nobody listened. 

Meanwhile, Russia pushes ahead with completion of the newest plant for manufacturing satellites (including SMOTR class--part of SFERA program). Here is report in Russian. 

The plant, which goes into operation this year will be able to manufacture and test simultaneously 4 heavy satellites and 100 light ones. So, that adds to explanation of Musk's sudden "maneuvers" with Starlink.

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