Sunday, February 5, 2023

Sentimental And... Sad. Legendary Jumbo...

It is like not just a true commercial aerospace beauty retiring--always loved those magnificent B-747s--it is like a country which for all its faults but still better than the current one is retiring. I have been to Everett Boeing's facility numerous times. It is an incredible experience, the main hangar is colossal. But to everything there is the end. Sam even got emotional. 

There always was something very elegant and proportional, even the legendary hump, in B-747-400 and B-747-8 models. Flew on both of them. Well, I am also not exactly spring chicken and my love for four-engine giants is nobody's concern. And so, the last of the legends has been rolled out in Everett--a reason for celebration and for reflection. She was the Queen of the Skies. It will be so unusual and uncomforting to know now that there will be no B-747s on huge assembly lines in the largest building in the world anymore. The end of the week, in how many songs did B-747 appear over decades. 

One late legend(s) to the other:

747 flies us highMuch higher than we’re meant to beYou’re six miles high but feelin’ downYou wish you could be on the ground
I guess, Supertramp and Zeppelin are in order, right? ;))

P.S. Forgot completely. There is nothing, I repeat--nothing, more magnificent than thousands of people who stand there with pride on their faces and a feeling of belonging to creation of something so profoundly beautiful and peaceful such as B-747, which is in Sam's video. This is what we have been placed on this planet for--to create, not to destroy. To improve lives, not to ruin them. 

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