Tuesday, February 21, 2023

Do Not Miss This...

While the whole (Western) world discusses "dying" and "stricken by cancer" and "dementia" Putin who looks mighty healthy and as sharp as ever, some very important messages shouldn't be missed. Of course, Russia suspending her START participation and getting ready for physical testing of nukes, once the US, inevitably, will also abrogate the ban on tests of nuclear weapons, are of immense import. This rings especially true in a view of the United States de facto losing strategic arms race to Russia. It is all very important, of course. But the same as was the case with Admiral Rickover who warned that Soviet Union's main weapon was system of public education, which already in the late 1950s made US education public school system look like a backwater, Putin's words yesterday in his Address to Federal Assembly have been finally spoken!

Первое – вернуться к традиционной для нашей страны базовойподготовке специалистов с высшим образованием.Срок обучения может составить от четырёх до шести лет. При этом даже в рамках одной специальности и одного вуза могут бытьпредложены программы, разные по срокуподготовки, в зависимости от конкретной профессии, отрасли и запроса рынка труда. Второе – если профессия требует дополнительной подготовки, узкой специализации, то в этом случае молодой человек сможет продолжить образование в магистратуре или ординатуре. Третье – в отдельный уровень профессиональногообразования будет выделена аспирантура, задача которой – готовить кадры для научной и преподавательской деятельности. 

Translation: The first is to return to the traditional for our country basic training of specialists with higher education. The term of study can be from four to six years. At the same time, even within the same specialty and one university, programs can be offered that differ in terms of training, depending on the specific profession, industry and labor market demand. Secondly, if the profession requires additional training, narrow specialization, then in this case the young person will be able to continue his education in a magistracy or residency. Thirdly, postgraduate studies will be allocated as a separate level of professional education, the task of which is to train personnel for scientific and teaching activities.

Finally! I am on record for many years--the Bologna Process, all those undergraduate and graduate "degrees" are crap, and often do not provide necessary professional competencies for a whole range of serious industrial and hi-tech professions. The title of specialist is a key in this classic Soviet education which finally returns. There is a reason Russia's military higher education largely retained old academic criteria by preparing SPECIALISTS, not some "graduates" with "majoring" in something. As an example, after full 5 calendar, 6 academic years we all graduated from naval academy with the title of Specialists. Nobody is interested in a Bachelor of Arts in... communications, as an example, on the position of a modern motor rifle platoon commander, CO of Combat Department on the ship or submarine, because modern military, modern industry, modern economy requires an extremely focused professional preparation in higher education, instead of somebody who just has some kind of degree. 

This is a strategic decision and I applaud it. I knew it was coming, because Bologna System is largely a fraud and provides an extremely low level of education and professional development. It is time for it to be removed and this decision has been made for Russia. I will talk about the rest of the Address later. But this was a huge development in itself, not to mention a proper reorientation of humanities field in both lower and higher education to traditional values, true humanism and tradition. Returning to START, judging by the news of a large modernization on the Novaya Zemlya testing range which was in progress for the last couple years, it is clear that Moscow knew about US intentions to resume nuclear testing and simply is getting ready once the US detonates the physical nuke. 

And then, of course, is this. 

Chinese President Xi Jinping will travel to Moscow for a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in the coming months, the Wall Street Journal claimed on Tuesday. Reports of the trip come as Beijing looks to take a leading role in resolving the conflict in Ukraine. The visit will take place sometime in April or early May, the American newspaper said, citing “people familiar with the plan.” The sources claimed that Xi will use the summit with Putin to push for multiparty peace talks aimed at ending the fighting in Ukraine. Successive rounds of peace talks failed last year, with Kiev abruptly withdrawing from negotiations in Istanbul in April. Russian officials and others elsewhere have claimed that Western powers pressured Ukraine into abandoning the talks, despite an agreement being close at hand.

For the imbeciles from WSJ I repeat, again, the simple fact--Beijing CAN NOT take any leading role in 404 for a simple reason of Beijing's long term security being ensured by Russia through the means of demilitarization of NATO and its big honcho--the US. Comrade Xi will be in Moscow not for promoting a "peace plan" or pushing anything. We are talking here about a completely different dynamics which is beyond the grasp of WSJ "sources" and analysts, who, as you may have guessed it, have been dumbed down through Bologna Process in the US Ivy League journo and communications departments. Ah, yes, in "the coming months" 404 will shrink even more. This is your primer on Putin's Address. 

P.S. The US now is "ready to talk" about START, that is what the representative of National Security Council told CNN. No shit, geniuses--back to school and learn real diplomacy, balance of power and warfare. Don't hold your breath though, they will fail, as usual.       

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