Sunday, February 19, 2023

As If...

... it hasn't been known. It was the same "secret" as Annalena's "knowledge" of geometry and geography. 

There is no bunker which Mr. Kinzhal (Dagger) cannot penetrate and it is merely by volition of the Kremlin that Mr. Ze is still around. In the end he will "disappear" into one of the NATO countries or will be offed by his bodyguards from SAS or whoever else have their hands up his ass, when ordering him around.  

Obviously, explaining to imbecile Lindsey Graham that China wants "to jump on Putin's train" is an exercise in futility:

But this piece by this psychopath is telling, and it demonstrates a complete nasty surprise for the worldview of most in Washington D.C. who wouldn't know shit from shineola in matters of geopolitical balance and correlation of forces, military as well as economic, in the world. I will only reiterate my point here which I make for years: China is a junior geopolitical partner in Moscow-Beijing axis, because survival of China depends on what Moscow is doing in 404 against whole of the combined West. 

Washington still wants VSU to go on "counter-offensive". Sure, it is like me wanting to have a multi-million dollar super-yacht. I have a desire, but zero resources to buy and maintain one. Simple as that. But I wrote a whole book, remember, on how one calculates and views resources for real war and why combined West lost this competition. This was 4 years ago:

As recent events have shown, I was largely correct when assessing the lack of the resources of the combined West to fight a real war and it had very little to do with simple lack of desire to conduct a proper, as stipulated by NATO's aggressive doctrine, defense policies but because of a complete exhaustion of the Empire. I am on record, people in Russia's General Staff can calculate, and they do it really well. Evidently, this is not the case with Pentagon and a cabal of fraudulent sinecures aka think-tanks. Here is Times:

Less than quarter of pledged tanks to arrive for Ukraine spring offensive. Germany urges allies to speed up delivery of Leopard 2s. 

You see. Not to mention the fact that even under the best of circumstances, the 404 "spring offensive" will likely look like a series of sporadic divergent--why, is a separate issue needing elaboration--attacks locally, because, evidently NATO's operational staffs which "plan" this shit for remnants of VSU dis not study military history of WW II and have a very vague understanding of real "offensives", since "offensive" against backward and largely defenseless Saddam's Army and offensive against something like the force under Mainstein and Model--different experiences and math. In fact, irreconcilable on a fundamental military science level.  

Russia, meanwhile, ramps up military production across the board, including production of hypersonic weapons (in Russian), but it is confirmed now that upcoming frigates of modernized Gorshkov-class (pr. 22350M) will have in their arsenals newest AD missiles integrated with powerful Polyment-Redut and their range will be 400 km (in Russian). That automatically translates to Admiral Nakhimov undergoing modernization--reportedly it also carries both navalized S-400 and Polyment-Redut--and, eventually, to many other ships' classes. The transitional enlarged frigate Admiral Amelko is being completed as I type this and is due for commission the next year. Plus, the news of Komsomolsk-on-Amur shipyard getting ready to launch the serial production of pr. 22350(M) strictly for Pacific Fleet is an extremely important piece of news, same as announcement yesterday from UAC ramping up the production of helicopters to 300 annually. Well, how many washing machines in Russia have been cannibalized... This is you Sunday primer.

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