Saturday, February 11, 2023

It Wasn't Blunder...

 ... it was a Freudian slip. 

Baerbock's "clarification" changes absolutely nothing in terms of reality. Combined West IS at war with Russia, and if not for Russia's ability to wipe combined West off the map, there would have been much larger involvement of the West in this war. 

Now Pentagon officials reiterate:

The US would have no objections to Ukrainian forces striking targets inside Crimea with American-supplied weapons, a senior defense official said on Friday. Dr Celeste Wallander, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, was asked whether Washington supports Kiev in seizing Crimea, or at least in striking Russian targets there. The peninsula overwhelmingly voted to become part of Russia in 2014 following a Western-backed coup in Kiev. Speaking at the Center for a New American Security, Wallander reiterated that the US “supports Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty over its internationally recognized borders, and that includes Crimea.” With this in mind, the official argued that Kiev “has the right to defend every inch of its territory.” As long as Ukraine “identifies operational value in targeting Russian forces on Ukrainian territory… we don’t have objections and do not seek to limit Ukrainian military operations to achieve their objectives.”

Well, for Ph.D in political "science" Wallander checks all boxes required for ignoramuses trained only in giving grandiose statements, and, as I am on record non-stop, it is impossible to explain to American political "scientist" that those proverbial 800 US bases around the world are not just bases--they are fat indefensible targets. But then again, Crimea was part of Russia before the United States existed. But then again, generally uncultured and badly educated Washington swamp creatures never heard of Treaty of Küçük Kaynarca. You cannot blame them, in the educational system which teaches US political "elite" that Jesus Christ was from Pennsylvania and that the US defeated Nazis, it is not surprising to see the combination of arrogance and ignorance. Those are not accidents--those are requirements for modern US "elites". I do not exaggerate, I have some anecdotal evidence of sheer ignorance of people of import. And I am talking about shocking levels of ignorance. But I repeat myself.

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