Sunday, February 5, 2023

Facepalm Of The Week.

OK, disregard the fact that The Sun is a sewer, which is pretty much true for all Western mainstream media. But, General Sir Richard Barrons shoots from the hip, LOL))).

HARMED FORCES: I’m a military expert and this is why I’m worried Britain is no longer secure – and what the government can do to fix it. 
Well, I understand that Sir Barrons thinks himself a master of operations and that UK has economy, when he says this:

The world is a dangerous place. Comfortable certainties about our security have evaporated. Russia unleashed a bloodbath in Europe and calls it a war with Nato. The US has said it is no longer willing to subsidise Europe’s security so much. China has made no secret of its ambition to take Taiwan and is building the world’s biggest navy. Climate change is fuelling global instability, while robotics and AI are bringing extraordinary disruption. After 30 years off, the UK is once again dealing with huge risks. Denying this and hoping for the best will not cut it. We need to modernise. The war in Ukraine shows it is impossible to sneak up on anyone with an Army, Navy or Air Force, thanks to space-based surveillance. Traditional military platforms such as ships, tanks and aircraft are at risk from new precision missiles. So are massed formations of troops. If you can see and hit a garden shed at 50 miles or more, the Army must rethink how it operates.

Russians have a meme, and it is old and is still widely in use: British Scientists (Британские Учёные). It is all about absurdity and stating obvious under the guise of scientific research. Something like: It Is Difficult To See At Night Because It Is Dark or Many Years Of Research Established Inability Of Humans To Breath In The Water. Shit like that. Well, Sir Barrons, after many many years (of research?) established that:

The good news is, the urgent bill for fixing the Army is comparatively modest. To rebuild the Army so it can deal with a surprise Russian attack will cost an extra £3billion this year, and every year for the next ten years. Governments always have to make hard choices, and this is a hard choice, but it can’t be put off any longer. Keeping the country secure is the most important task we expect our Government to fulfil. They must do it.

Somebody needs to explain to this "student" of philosophy and "economics" from Oxford what real economy is, and that if Russia will ever, for no apparent reason, decides to "attack" UK, no amount of money, let alone annual £3billion pittance for 10 years will help UK, let alone its toy armed forces. 

UK doesn't have resources to have serious indigenous army, serious air force and, in the end, barely copes with maintaining her navy. In general, Western military education and training, especially on the serious operational and strategic levels is backward, primitive and utterly inadequate to the realities of the modern warfare. In other words, it produces mostly "British Scientists", who, like Sir Barrons are completely lost in the world where UK, both militarily and economically, is nothing more than a pip squeak and no amount of "give me more money" demagoguery can fix the problem of technological, scientific, economic and operational-strategic backwardness. In related news, Great Britain used to have a viable commercial and combat aircraft industry. Not anymore. Somebody remind this to this "military expert". Sir, please, concentrate on PR--the only field where UK is still competitive.

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