Wednesday, February 1, 2023

80th Anniversary of Stalingrad Battle.

Vladimir Putin today will visit Stalingrad. No, it is not a typo--this day Volgograd will officially become Stalingrad again. A number of the road signs have been changed to Stalingrad and in 2013 Volgograd's City Duma passed legislation that for 10 days a year Volgograd will be called Stalingrad (in Russian)

The scale of this battle is astonishing. To commemorate the end of Stalingrad Battle, three monuments to Stalin, Zhukov and Vasilevsky have been unveiled today. 

At this moment I will not elaborate in depth on the West's "interpretation" of this battle, suffice it to say that at least half of what is known about it in the West is sheer propaganda, such as the fate of German POWs, including causes of their deaths. But then again, with "historians" such as Beevor or Applebaum, who needs Goebbels. 

In related news. A group of Turkish volunteers has joined Russian battalion named after Sudoplatov (Google who this legendary man was) and is undergoing now combat training and combat cohesion, and then will join Russian Army in battle (in Russian). Surprised? I am not. Keep in mind what SMO is all about. We may also never know the number of Americans, Britons and French fighting for Russian forces. We just know that they are there. 

Later, there will be Kursk, Bagration, Berlin, but it was in Stalingrad 80 years ago when it became clear that not only Axis forces will be thrown out of USSR, but that German Nazism will be crushed and Red Army will finish war in Berlin. Stalingrad changed WW II dynamics completely.

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