Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Nice Try, Plus Larry On China And Russia.

It is turning into a complete circus:

Hey, somebody voted for this guy. I, sure as hell, didn't. Good luck with "working this out", I am sure they will come up with a new definition of nuclear weapons, and of "working out" for a good measure, same way as they redefined recession

In related news, Larry penned an excellent piece on why Comrade Xi is going to Moscow. 

The visit of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to Moscow this week was not a coincidence. It had at least three goals — to demonstrate China’s support for Russia on the anniversary of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine, to further progress on the creation of an alternative international financial system not beholden to Washington and, I believe, to kick off the negotiations for a mutual defense pact. In addition to meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, Wang Yi met with Patrushev, the head of Russia’s Security Council. In the world of international diplomacy, the Foreign Minister has the task of working out details and producing the documents that would codify a defense relationship. It also is not a coincidence that Putin announced at the end of the “productive” meeting with Wan Yi that Xi Jinping, the President of the People’s Republic of China, would visit Russia in the near future, possibly in March. Xi Jinping is not going to Russia to sight see or swig vodka.

Is the announcement of the Russian-Chinese pact possible when Xi arrives to Moscow? Absolutely, I agree with Larry here fully. Will it happen? We'll see. Plus, Mr. Ryabkov flatly denied a BS from Sabrina Singh about "failed test" of Sarmat (in Russian). This is how desperate they are, they lie non-stop. 

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